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Your heating, air conditioning, ventilation and ductwork (HVAC) is the lungs of your home. Pet hair, dander, construction debris and dust will build up in your ducts over the years. It is recommended that ducts be cleaned every 2-3 years and even more often if you have pets or had a major construction work done in the house.

The best method for cleaning your HVAC system is the “PUSH PULL METHOD”. “PUSH” is provided by an air compressor than can produce enough air volume (at least 30 CFM) to fill the duct with air and enough pressure (at least 150 PSI) to be able to push the debris from the vent lines into the main truck lines. “PULL” is provided by a powerful vacuum connected to the furnace that will suck the debris out of the system. Furnace, A/C and blower are then thoroughly cleaned to keep it running at full efficiency.

AVOID SCAMS! Be sure to ask the contractor you’re hiring if they are using the “push pull method” and if they have a high powered compressor and vacuum to do the job right. Ask how long it will take to clean your system. It takes 2-3 hours for 1 person to clean an average house with around 20 vents. If they’re charging way less and can do the job way faster then you better be careful. Be aware that there is no way to do the job properly, charge so low and still gain profit from it.

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No air duct cleaning company will do a thorough cleaning of your entire HVAC system, charge $100 or less, be profitable and survive in the business. Companies that advertise these cheap packages are “bait and switch companies”. When they get to your home they will charge hundreds of dollars extra to do area’s that are obviously going to be part of cleaning process. For instance, they will push the debris from the hot air supply vents into the main trunk line, show you all the dirt that is accumulated and charge extra if you want it cleaned. They will also charge extra for cleaning the furnace. These companies will also not clean your system unless you do the whole system ending up with a very large bill at the end. At Vacuum Thingymajigger Furnace and Duct Cleaning Service of Calgary, we will give you a price up front and over the phone. No tricks, NO gimmicks. Our Business Philosophy is simple, be honest and upfront. Every quote we give includes cleaning the:

1.) hot air supply vents, 2.) cold air return vents, 3.) main trunk lines, 4.) furnace blower, hot and A/C coils 5.) furnace and surrounding areas

With that in mind we are able to build lasting relationships with our customers without instilling doubt that we are a “blow-n-go” company. Vacuum Thingymajigger provides exceptional services based on hard work and quality craftsmanship. We dedicate our lives to improving the air you breathe and will continue to survive in Calgary by maintaining our honesty and integrity. So the next time you are in search of an air duct cleaning company, look no further. Call today for your free estimate or stop in on facebook and ask any questions you may have.

Contact us today at (403)612-0407, send us an e-mail at cpozon@vacuumthingy.ca or visit our Facebook page and view our  YouTube  videos give your HVAC system a breath of fresh air!

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