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Vacuum Thingy ma jigger is committed to customer satisfaction and part of that commitment is to offer you a clear and fair pricing on the services that we offer. By providing a minimum charge package and individual unit service price, you can easily add services and calculate the total charges that you can expect. If you find something that is not clear to you or if you want more information,

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Thank you and we hope serve to you soon.

  • Minimum charge: $80 
    - We charge a minimum to cover the time and fuel travelling to and from location and time to set-up and teardown hoses.
  • $30 per room.
    - A room can be a bedroom, bonus room or living room. Big open spaces especially in the basement will be estimated as to how many equivalent regular sized rooms it will be and charged accordingly.
  • $35 per staircase.
    - A staircase includes all the steps and landing that takes you from one floor to another.
  • $50 for 3-seater sofa
  • $30 for 2-seater or loveseat
  • $10 for single chail -
  • $5 for dining chairs
  • $0.25 per square foot for commercial carpet cleaning
  • $170 flat rate for cleaning 1 furnace and all the vents (unlimited).
    - This includes cleaning of hot air supply and cold air return vents, main lines and furnace itself. No extra charge for high efficiency furnace or if with a/c.
  • $80 for each additional furnace in the same house.
    - For example if the house has 2 furnaces, it will be $170 plus $80 for a total of $250. If 3 furnaces in the house it will be $170+$80+$80=$330

Payment Method

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